MayArt May-Linn Aaslie company is established in Norway by artists and graphic designer May-Linn Aaslie.

Mayart sells self-produced fine art, frames and graphic services like logos, websites, guides, visual arts, graphic design, illustration, design and film.


She is a graduate of Telemark University College and holds the degree Bachelor in Visual Arts and Design with specialization in Drawing and Image Communication. She also has practical pedagogical education and is educated with her degree associate professor in subject didactics in design, arts and crafts.



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Art and Design

We'd love to hear from you

May Art

Visual art and Graphic design

The company is established In Norway by May-Linn Aaslie autumn 2015, she sells own produced graphic work and guidance to companies, she also produces and sells art in medium oil, acvarell , graphics and photo. The art is produced in Northern - Norway with inspiration from the surroundings.

Services, and Expertise 

- Fine Art

- Graphic design

- Photography

- Product design

- Business and consulting

- Film and video

- Drawing and color

- Painting, graphic design, watercolor, graphic.

- Drawing and Image Communication

- Art History

- History of science

- Drawing and Color

- Investigative practice

- Practice in graphic design agency, gallery and teaching.

- Bachelor in Visual Arts and Design -

- Practical Educational Education -Learn Education

-  Display

- Gallery

- Curator


From 2011 to 2014 she took Bachelor of  Visual Art and Design at University College in Telemark.She has education in visual arts, art and design, product design, graphic design, business, graphics, sculpture, painting, art lab, drawing and color, film and video, science, investigative practices and bachelor.In the last year she studied in Drawing and Image Communication, which deals with drawing, image communication and image education, practical and theoretical. Could have visual, aesthetic and communicative skills. Imagine image analysis as a means of knowledge creation and image processes. Developing self-expression in images and being confident in their own image-cultural background. Work with movies and video. Art orientation, especially in the field of contemporary art, academic research and development work, and the use of digital imaging tools.


In 2014 she took adjunct education disciplines in pedagogy and didactics where she had final research and development task focusing on "blind contour and continuous assessment as a method in teaching". The inspiration in art is taken from longing to Northern Norway and how politics can change fishing policy and agriculture as a consequence with depopulation. The abandoned feeling she has recreated and expressed in media graphics, photography and painting in her bachelor thesis. Latest art is inspired by Northern Norwegian architecture and landscape.

Art Custom made

Do you want your own May-Linn Aaslie art on the wall?

The price depends on size and medium. Medium  is oil on canvas, watercolor, drawings, graphics, print and photography.


Graphic design

Graphic design, logo, website, illustrations, cover and more.

Graphic design hourly rate 1000 KR ex. VAT

Custom made art

Paintings are made with professional archival materials. Paintings are made of the best quality on cotton or linen canvas.  You can get a custom made art to your size and motvi wish.Price varies by size and working hours You can also order Digigraphie and Aluminum Stretch. Digigraphi is printed on acid-free art paper at Snorre Art. Aluminum is printed on a Aluplate with a wall mount on back at Lundblad.

Choos a Size and Price range

30x30         3000 kr

40x40         4000 kr

40x80         4800 kr

80x80         7200 kr

50x70         8400 kr

100x70       10 800 kr

120x90       14 400kr

150x100     24 000kr


Choos a Size on  - Digigraphie 

30x30         2000kr 

40x40         3600 kr

40x70         3600 kr

50x50         3700kr

80x80         48000kr

50x70         5000kr 

100x70       6000kr 

Choos a Size  - Aluprint

30x30         3000kr 

40x40         4600kr

40x70        4600kr

50x50         4700kr

80x80         58000kr

50x70         6000kr

100x70        7000kr

Choose Canvas Type

Custom made oil paintings are painted quality stretched canvas.

Two canvas depths are available

  1.  3.5cm. With this option, the canvas sides are painted so that a frame isn’t necessary.

  2. 2 cm. This is a standard depth for framing.


If you want frame there will be about one-two weeks more deliverytime.

Price and Shipping

All art is sold with shipping after weight and sent by mail container. You can pay via invoice, card or Paypal. Sales in Norwegian currency, Euro and  in USDollar.Purchase of a product is subject to the 14-day right of withdrawal. The product must be in its original packaging and without damage.

Graphic work is at hourly rate with 1000,- Nok in hour and varies according to workload. Painting on order is after size and hourly rate

Read more about prices at Custom Made Art.

Material and Quality

The oil is the finest and expensive of  Daler Rowney and Lukas 1800. Canvas the best of  Asbjorn J Hansen.
All art is sold both with and without frame. Frames for painting is silver from "Kunstmaleren" in Tromso, some paintings are unframed.  You can choose whether to buy frames by testing frameworks in Tromso,  Kunstmaleren will help you to find suitable frame to your paintingWhen booking photograph select frame color white wood, silver aluminum, black in wood. Photograph you can chose  photopaper, aluminum plate, acrylic glass or canvas, the price varies and can be selected in separate columns when order.

Graphic print is on bucket paper with graphic paint brand Caligo mixed with oil base and have a long shelf life. When ordering, you can choose whether with or without framed.

Graphic design​

Do you need logo, website, and need layout for letter business cards, flyers? With practice and education in graphic design, it will be create graphic products focusing on branding and identity to your company. In the graphical section, there will be product of everything from drawings, digital images, logo, slide show, advanced film editing, photography. In homepage there can be shop through website, blog, booking system, hotel systems, galleries, video view on website, photo view on website , links to social services, phone, mail, and much more. Contact me for questions. See more on Graphic Design




Do you have questions. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to hear from you.


+47 48394221

Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

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