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Based just outside Tromsø city and within the Arctic Circle, we’re uniquely placed to cater for a wide range of activities throughout the year. Our short Dog Sled tours leave daily throughout the winter with longer expeditions scheduled for the spring. We can also provide visits to our centre to meet the Huskies, which are available all year round.

In the summer months, we provide kayaking tours and with hikes with the dogs from our centre. If you have any special requests please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. With 30 years of experience, this is the best place to fulfil your wanderlust.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on our friendly close-knit staff who will be sure to look after your every need. Our team is assembled from all over the world bring a unique multicultural mix made with a strong emphasis on getting people who can make your experience the best possible.

Our teams have competed in numerous races notably the Iditarod in Alaska, the worlds longest Dogsled race, and the Finnmarksløpet , Europes longest race, you can be sure that when you’re with us they’re not just friendly dogs you’re seeing but professional athletes who that have been tested at the highest level.


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Puppy training


​​Want to experience how we train our puppies for our main ambitions which is participation in dogsled racing? Training of both dogs and people throughout the year is essential and summer is the time for new puppies’ first try at teamwork.

Take part in the most fun part of our job, spending time with the little ones as they race to see who will become the next star leader dog.

Of the 300 Alaskan huskies, the puppies are most important. Join our experienced handlers and train the youngest sled dogs who are from 4 weeks to 6 months. We will take the puppies out for an 1 - 1.5 hour hike close to the husky farm and do different exercises in wilderness depending on the age of the puppies. Back at the centre lunch will be served.


Duration 4h and 30min 

Pick up:  09:30 Radisson BLU Hotel

Drop off: Radisson BLU Hotel


Season: 1/6/19 - 31/10/19

Included: Lunch, rain clothes and transfer both ways


Please bring: suitable clothing and walking boots

           Price: 1040 NOK 

Sea kayaking


The weather will decide the exact route we will paddle, but it will be on along the coast line of Håkøya-Island, close to Tromsø city. On the trip you can enjoy the scenic mountain panorama. Due to the small size of the vessels and the absence of engine noises, we often get close to arctic wildlife such as sea eagles, porpoises and seals!

You do not need any previous kayaking experience to participate, as our guide will give you a basic course and help you with everything you need to know. We usually provide double kayaks for beginners, but you can inquire with us regarding a single kayak if you have some experience.

To restore your strength, we will serve you a delicious baguette and a piece of chocolate cake – a vegetarian option is available upon preliminary request.


Duration 4h and 30min 

Pick up:  09:30 Radisson BLU Hotel (meet up 15 min before departure)

Drop off: 14:00 Radisson BLUE Hotel


1.June - 27th July: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

28th July - 31st August: every day






Included: Guide, transfer each way, all necessary equipment, cold snack and warm drink

Please bring: warm clothes, raincoat, sunglasses, sneakers and an extra set of clothes 


Group size: minimum 2 

Age limit: 13 years old, if younger children please take contact with us

Price adults 1340 NOK and students/youth (13-17 years) 1206 NOK

Midnightsun kayaking


Kayak is one of our favorite ways to spend time outdoors in summer! The ocean is fundamental to North-Norwegian culture and kayaking is a great way to experience it. On the bright summer nights, we can kayak even at night and enjoy the midnight sun.

A great time to observe marine birds who are very active at this time. We use double kayaks ideal for beginners but inquire about single kayaks if you have experience and want a bit more challenge.

Duration: 5hrs and 30 min

Pick up: 21:00 Radisson BLU hotel 

Drop off: Radisson BLU hotel


season: 1/6/19 - 27/7/19

Included: transport each way, hot meal, spray jackets and gloves

Price: 1740 NOK

Husky trekking

Our two greatest loves are huskies and life outdoors, experiencing nature with a faithful four-legged friend is the best combination of both. The huskies are highly energetic dogs so don’t be surprised if you start to wonder who’s really taking who for a walk.

We prepare lunch in the wild, or back at camp if the weather gods are moody. While visiting, we can of course not resist visiting the dog yard to showing off our puppies and star athletes.

Duration: 4hrs and 30 min

Pick up: 09:30 Radisson BLU hotel

Drop off: Radisson BLU hotel

Season: 1/6/19 - 9/9/19
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Included: Transport each way, lunch, boots and warm clothes


Price: 1040 NOK

+47 48394221

Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

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