We are at Bakkejord, a small village which is south of Kvaløya. The 5-mile drive from Tromsø, is run through beautiful scenery, landscapes and small towns.


In 2008 the old village school was completely renovated and Tove opened the doors to its glass gallery. Here you can come and enjoy the world's best waffles and freshly brewed coffee while you sit and absorb the experience of the beautiful wall lights, colorful glass curtains, trendye glasshouses, crockery that decorates one table with much more nice looking.


Toves glass art is a gem on Bakkejord. In summer you can sit in our little lush botanical garden surrounded by majestic mountains and nature to enjoy life. You will likely experience eagles looking for today's catch, or a large amount of penguins and whales swim by. In winter you can often experience reindeer and a rare time the king of the forest in the garden of Tove. In the evening it is a perfect place to experience the Northern Lights dancing in the sky. In other words, everything is right to make your visit to Toves Glasskunst exciting.


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Accommodation at Bakkejord


Rental of a fantastic great apartment of about 90m2 with 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and room for 7pers. Fully equipped with everything from wash basin, TV, and whatever you need. In addition, with great scenery and a peaceful place to be on, with a sea view.


Bakkejord is 4 miles from the airport and 5mil from Tromsø city center. We offer an unforgettable and relaxing vacation experience too nature happy people In all age groups year round. Great apartment in old school.


Bakkejord a fantastic nice Nature. Where to experience midnight sunshine in the summer, observe all of the animals and birdlife from the verandah. Rein, Elk, Oat Ears, Splitter, Nicholas, etc. Amazing fishing possibilities ranging from (Cod, Sei, Flyndre, Steinbit and Kveite) Mountain hiking Summer as Winter.  



Here are the opportunities to come to the workshop to make their own glass art. The workshop is for guests who are at least 2 days on the spot.

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