Come with us and discover the traditional food of the North. If You would like to join, or make a group booking please send a requester more information. We offer this tour also for portuguese or spanish groups alone.

Eat Walk Tromsø

Welcome to scenic mountain hikes in the summer. Or, maybe you want to try ski tours, snowshoe hike or ice climbing in the winter with one of the professional mountain guides. 

Mountain Guiding

Welcome to guided tours and activities such as northern lights and day tour by bus. 

Aurora Arctic Tours

Winter open only. Welcome to dogsledding, Aurora Tour and glamping on Kvaløya. No snow? Experience dogsledding on wheels. 

Husky experience &

Luxury Camp 

Welcome to guided sea fishing trips and northern trips in 5 or 8 hours. You will experience the most spectacular scenery of the Tromsø region, namely the west coast of Kvaløya outside Tromsø city.

Fjord, Fishing and Aurora Adventure

Welcome to Rib boat tours both winter and summer. We also offer Northern lights tours in the winter with experienced guides.

Adventure Center

Welcome to reindeersledding, joik and Sami dinner. Get to know the history of the Sami culture and feel the atmosphere in the Sami camp.

Sami handcraft reindeer skin shoes.jpg

Sami Culture

Our brand new 100% electrical car Tesla x is for those who prefer eco- friendly, quiet and luxury comfort while experience the magic nature and scenery arround Tromsø.

Tesla Arctic Tours

Experience the magic scenery, fjords, mountains, northern lights, whalesafari boat tours on luxury tours. Ask us about the seasons, and what we can recommend during your stay.

VIP Adventures

Guided dog sledding included a meal around the bonfire. Self-drive dog sledding possible. We offer Husky hike, puppy training and kayaking when the winter season is over. Ask us for more information about these activities.

Husky Adventure

Stay in beautiful cabins and enjoy fishing and hiking in the summer, snowmobile and whalewatching in the winter. We offer packages. 

Lyngen Adventures

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